A unos días de iniciarse la Gira Europea de Yagami Ren, Aizen Kaguya, traductora, modelo y mánager de la gira escribe este texto que reproduzco tal cual, sin traducirlo, ya que perdería mucha de su belleza y poesía

In 4 days, I'll meet Ren Yagami. He will arrive in London and we will start our 2016 EUROPEAN TOUR together. I can't hide this tension already, I feel excited and nervous at the same time : it is the longest tour ever programmed for a rope artist. I'll honour the multitask mission to be his model, translator and tour manager at the same time. 4 weeks of intense kinbaku journey together to accomplish one vision : DARK EROTICISM.

When I first discovered Ren, it was last year to work as his translator for his first tour with Gorgone. I observed carefully their incredible journey, I've been fascinated by what I saw. I've learned a lot from this exchange. I saw what a real sadist was like. And I felt fear. I've been tied up once by Ren in Nottingham and before starting the session, my hands couldn't stop sweating. Real fear. Fear of the unknown, fear coming from my own mind already invaded by his 'black magic'...

But once in the air, I felt in a deep transe, I felt something deeply human, something crazy. I could hear my heart beating so fast, so strong. I couldn't escape from this fear anymore. So I faced it...
When he untied me...it wasn't the end. He was the type of rigger who will be able to surprise you until the last moment. Every second I felt the weight of my existence. It was like time had stopped. And always, this dark energy flowed around, like a dangerous poisonous snake, slowly it intoxicated me with it's venom...

This tour will be a striking and beautiful experience. It will be another pilgrimage for me. Another ritual to challenge : as my own shell is my temple. I will feel the power of gravity in a dimension full of light and darkness. Between the edges, a flower will bloom. How does it taste, the flavor of the forbidden fruit?

Perversion, hentai, chirarism, ero nawa, mind control, tasteful shameful suspensions, SM mindset, play and safety. He will share his knowledge for the pleasure of his european students.

Ren said : "I come to Europe to teach something precious, kinky, spicy that people will be able to practise and enjoy even after 10 years."

What is DARK EROTICISM? Ren will teach, demontrate another side of his kinbaku in a special combination between ero-nawa and seme nawa.

As George Bataille wrote in his fascinating book - one of my favorite - 'Eroticism : Death and Sensuality' :
Beauty is desired in order that it may be befouled; not for its own sake, but for the joy brought by the certainty of profaining it.”
The 6th september we will fly to Gijon, Spain. Our first destination, we will step into the first location where we will enter the void and make bloom the darkest flower of our secret desires"

Stay tuned! And see you there!

We are honoured to present our performances / nawakai (special rope jam session) / Private tuitions / Masterclasses in

SPAIN : Gijon / Madrid


SWEDEN : Stockholm (masterclass SOLD OUT)

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NETHERLANDS : Rotterdam / Amsterdam (masterclass SOLD OUT)


Special thanks to all our local organisers. We're feeling grateful.
Credit photography and thank you to the very talented Clover Brook.