Introduction message from Ren:

“What Ren will teach this year to everyone in Spain is not a rope workshop and techniques oriented for performances but rope oriented for play and sex.

Shibari in this context will be taught for the students to help developping and explore their fantasies, to face their down desires and sexual intentions in a consensual way.

Of course the visual esthetism of rope is very interessing and appealing, but Ren this time put the focus on the essentials of shibari: it means, the core of every ties are perfectly done, we shouldn’t be needing to create many very complicated shapes nor doing too many suspensions to accomplish our goal.

So during this workshop Ren will be delighted to share and exchange with the students about :

  • How to create an erotic atmosphere when we’re tying
  • How to link both the mind and the body of the partner we tie
  • We will have an Exchange and lecture about “orgasm in rope”.

This program is dedicated to learn more about Ren’s philosophy: use of “Sekibaku” to practise the techniques and exchange around shibari for erotic pleasure and sexual purpose.

This workshop can be appreciated by people from all levels, from vanilla people to advanced shibari students.

We are welcoming all the students who are interested to add more spices and are looking for various creative ways to surprise their partners.

Ren’s message :

“So please join us and don’t forget to bring your favorite sexy underwears and be prepared for more intimate pleasures…so you can directly practise what you’ve learned joyfully at home…or during the workshop if you’re happy to share!”

Details of the workshop :

Demonstration and exploration of the essentials


Understanding the human anatomy and reinforcing the bases of Yagami Ren Style shibari

Study of different placements of the hands

  • Gyakute (low hands in the back)
  • jun te (joined hands in a pray position)
  • garami gote (Tangled hands in the back)
  • kōsa tori (Crossed arms)

Essential of the 5 techniques and basics of Yagami style (beginner’s level)

Understanding the Takatekote and different other ways to tie the arms and the chest.

  • Koden takate kote shibari (this form of takate kote was used in ancient time)
  • Kaeshi nawa shibari (“Reversed tie”, related to Hojōjutsu. Back in time we used to tie monks this way)
  • wakizarashi shibari (Arms crossed behind the head. Exposition of the armpit)
  • Ippon shibari (single rope tie related to Hojōjutsu)
  • Kannuki shibari (Yagami style gote with the kannukis)

Shikake shibari

The art of setting up a trap with rope. A playful way to surprise your partner.

Ichi-ka nawa, karami gote shibari, kōsa mae te shibari

(Part 2 of other creative ways to tie the wrist/ arms and chest: single rope Hojōjutsu inspired tie, “tangled” style gote, crossed hands in the front…)

Body handling exercises.

Learning how to control our partner’s body.

From theory to practise :

  • Harishibari (Studying, analysing and experimentating various tensions)
  • Deconstruction > Going further in the understanding of Yagami Ren style Takate Kote : Deeper and detailed
    explanations and hidden subtleties.
  • Lecture and exchange about : “Why doing a suspension?”
  • Semi-suspensions and on various transitions: Study and exercises.
  • Ichi-ka nawa : Learning how to create a variation of this tie

Essential goals
During this workshop the use of SM techniques are essentially used here
to welcome pleasure, to welcome a playful and cheeky mindset, to learn how to increase the connection in a sexual way. The use of all the techniques, lectures and ideas will be presented to the students for them to enjoy the taste of an hedonistic shibari experience.

The use and exploration of all technique of Yagami Ren styke “Sekibaku” will be given in a complete respect of consent during the whole workshop. Every person’s feelings, boundaries will be always totally respected.