Vista de Yagami Ren Julio 2020

Yagami Ren is visiting his dojo at the Kinky Club in Gijón during 8th to 13th of July. On those days, he will be teaching group workshops and private lessons and, this year for the first time, he will be available for private sessions..

All the activities will take place in Japanese, with Spanish translation (and English as option)

info and booking

Private lessons

Yagami Ren will be available for booking for private lessons (only one couple at a time) in 4 hours slots

  • For all levels
  • Very limited places
  • Available dates: Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th and Monday 13th of July

Private sessions

This year, as a new feature, Yagami Ren is offering the possibility of having a private session with him.

  • Available dates: Thursday 9th, Friday 10th and Monday 13th of July

  • Estimated time: 1 hour

Sekibaku Foundation Workshop (10/07/20)

Sekibaku introductory class with Yagami Ren. No previous knowledge or experience are required. Indicated for those people who want to initiate in this style or just may be curious about it.

  • For all levels
  • Duration: 4-6 hours
  • It is not required to attend with a partner
  • Limited places (assigned in order of registration)

Demo sekibaku (Friday 07/10/20)

As closure for the Sekibaku Basics Workshop, Yagami Ren is offering a demo of his style (open to the public)

  • Limited places (assigned in order of registration)

Taijutsu Workshop (body techniques) (Saturday and Sunday)

Yagami Ren's Sekibaku is based upon the balance between rope techniques (nawasuzi) and body techniques (taijutsu)

Taijutsu is the technique to control the body and it is a key element in my style, as it is a shibari created from old Japanese martial arts

During this weekend, Yagami Ren will focus on the body techniques, those that will help us improve the fluency and efficiency of the movement. We will also study the anatomic ways of restriction and how to use the bodies to improve the sexual experience of shibari.

In this intensive workshop, he aims to teach the students the concepts that will allow them to understand the anatomy so, with effort and dedication, they will be able to develop and improve their skills in this field

  • Prior knowledge and understanding of basics of sekibaku are required
  • Limited places (assigned in order of registration). Ryū students will have priority over external applicants.

info and booking